Domrémy and Joan of Arc's native house

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The house - ©Thiemo Gamma / Public domain The house - ©Thiemo Gamma / Public domain
Joan of Arc's native house House Joan of Arc

Our famous Maid was born here one fine day of 1412, in this little village of Vosges... French writer Montaigne said in 1580 that the house was decorated with lots of paintings, on the façade, dealing with Joan of Arc’s epic tale.

Paintings disappeared! Above the entrance gate, king of France’s coat of arms, but also Joan’s ones and Thiesselin’s one (friends of Joan’s parents, Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée).

We find here 4 narrow rooms, with the main room flanks by a chimney, Joan’s bedroom and the cellar. Joan’s family owned the house until the 16th century, then Girardin family owned it in the 18th century. There, the house was owned by General Council of Vosges département in 1818.

The legend said that a rich Englishman wanted to buy the house at the same time, for 6 000 francs... aaah, what a crime! If our Joan knew that...

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