Eyrignac gardens, Versailles in Dordogne?

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The gardens - ©Illule / CC-BY-SA The gardens - ©Illule / CC-BY-SA
Eyrignac manor house and gardens Garden

Did you ever visit Eyrignac gardens? With its little blonde stones manor, the vast gardens, Eyrignac symbolizes the gentle pleasures of life in Dordogne... The Costes de La Calprenède raised it in 1653, on lands bought one century ago.

Gabriel de Costes de La Calprenède laid out the first gardens in the 18th century, with the help of an Italian landscaper: gardens inspired by Versailles or Vaux-le-Vicomte's ones! They were razed then replaced in 1960 by Gilles Sermadiras de Pouzols de Lile, the new owner.

Come on, follow me... Boxtrees, yew trees... then we are in front of a pond: listen the gentle murmuring of the water... Here, a vegetable plot! Here, a little detached house behind an alley, and there, again, look! The silhouette of a cypress or a statue...

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