Gaspard de Coligny and Joan of Arc in Château-Renard

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The ramparts - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The ramparts - © / CC-BY-NC-SA
Château-Renard medieval city Medieval city Gaspard de Coligny Joan of Arc

Do you notice this beautiful wood framing house on the place de la République? They say Joan of Arc was housed here when she came in the city on September 1429!

But let's go now on a tour of the streets and buildings... The city was called after Renard, count of Sens, who raised here a fortress on a hill, in 961. This stronghold was destroyed then rebuilt in the 12th century: we still can see the ruins at the top of the city. From those vestiges where I'm standing now, I see all the small houses and all the deep valley. Well, I must get down, now... I feel dizzy!

Next to this medieval castle, there's the château de la Motte, a building with very old foundations: indeed, it was raised in 910 by the count of Sens, Fromont! His son Renard didn't like the place and that's why he decided to raise his own castle on the hill... In 1561, during the war of religion, the castle was destroyed because it belonged to the Protestant admiral de Coligny.

In 1609, Coligny's daughter, Louise, raised on the ruins of his father's castle a nice manor (the current château): she never set foot there! The former fortress was an octagon ant the current castle was built on three sides of this octagon. The main façade, with its two non-perpendicular wings, is very unusual and elegant, isn't it?

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