Good old Napo: the other triomphal arch made by the little Corsican

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The arch - ©Guido Radig / CC-BY The arch - ©Guido Radig / CC-BY
Carrousel arch Arch Napoléon I

Here, we are in front of the finest instance of the Imperial style! It was raised between 1806 and 1808 by Percier and Fontaine: those architects were inspired by Septimius Severus' arc in Rome.

At the beginning, this arc used to be at Tuileries castle's entrance. It has 8 Corinthian columns made of red and white marble, crowned by statues representing Napoleon Great Army's soldiers.

Originally, they wanted to put a statue of the emperor in a chariot, at the top of the arch... but Napoleon wasn't agree! So they put instead an effigy of the Restoration.

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