Guyon de La Roche, killed by his brother-in-law

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The keep on its rock - ©DocteurCosmos / CC-BY The keep on its rock - ©DocteurCosmos / CC-BY
La Roche-Guyon castle Castle Homicide Execution

Back in 1109. Guy de La Roche was murdered. The abbot Suger tells us about this news story in his book Vie de Louis VI: Guy was a nice chap, sweet and gentle. He did good around him, and he was OK with that. But he had enemies, even in his own family! Yes, his brother-in-law, Guillaume, ″A Norman, an unrivaled felon.″

One day, Guy was attended Mass: the traitor rushed in his back and stabbed him. Stab, stab! Again and again. He killed him, with his wife and kids, with an unequaled violence, ″by crushing their skulls on the rock″… And now, the castle was seized by Normans! The king of France had to stop this.

He send his army over there: soldiers promised Guillaume to spare him if he surrendered. And he surrendered, the stupid one… then he was executed and they put his heart on a pole, displayed in front of everybody. Finally, they tied his corpse on a wooden bed and put it in the river Seine...

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