Hall, the Englishman who launched faience in Gien

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An example of Gien faience - ©Cjp24 / CC-BY-SA An example of Gien faience - ©Cjp24 / CC-BY-SA
Gien faience museum Museum

Faience from Quimper, from Malicorne-sur-Sarthe... France has a nice earthenware production! But what about the faience from Gien?

It's the English industrialist Hall who set up a pottery works in the city in 1821. He didn't go wrong! River Loire and lateral canal nearby allowed to convey raw materials and it existed a kind of white clay in the area... Items made in the factory were a huge success.

The museum is located next to the factory. You'll see monumental and beautiful pieces. Don't forget: faience from Gien is famous all over the world!

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