Haudriettes fountain: the story of the man they thought dead

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The low-relief - ©Mbzt / Public domain The low-relief - ©Mbzt / Public domain
Haudriettes fountain Fountain

On the corner of rue des Archives and rue des Haudriettes, here’s a small fountain... It was named after an old convent raised here in the Middle-Ages, founded by Etienne Haudri’s wife...

He was king Louis XI’s servant, and just left Paris for a pilgrimage in Compostela, without informing somebody! His wife thought he was dead... Oh, the poor lady! She was ravaged by suffering: she decided to found a monastery in order to welcome ill pilgrims. But Haudri came back, one fine day! Too late... his wife took holy orders.

How could Haudri get her back? Pope himself intervened: he let his wife go, but asked them to keep the monastery: convent of Haudriettes sisters. The fountain was inaugurated in 1636, under the name of “New fountain”.

It was re-raised in 1760, based on plans by architect Moreau-Desproux (he also erected the Palais-Royal, in Paris). What about the low-relief with the naiad? It was made by sculptor Mignot!

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