Héré's arc: Stanislas flattered his son-in-law's ego

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The arch - ©Alf van Beem / CC0 The arch - ©Alf van Beem / CC0
Place Stanislas in Nancy Arch Street District Louis XV Stanislas Leszczynski

An arch named after Stanislas' famous architect, Emmanuel Héré, disciple of Boffrand. He entered Stanislas service when he was 20 years-old! Here we can see a Corinthian arch crowned by a medallion (a Genie holding king of France Louis XV’s portrait and an Allegory of Lorraine).

Top of that, the allegory of Fame with a trumpet: Hostium terror, Foederum cultor, Gentisque decus et amor which means “Enemies terror, treaties instigator, glory and love of the people”.

We also can see 3 low-reliefs made of white marble: Mercury and Minerva, Apollo and Muses, Apollo against a dragon with the device Principi pacifico. On the cornice, Ceres, Minerva, Hercules, Mars. The arch was dedicated to Louis XV: hey, he was Stanislas’ son-in-law!

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