Kerjean castle's carders legend

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The castle - ©Moreau.henri / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Moreau.henri / CC-BY-SA
Kerjean castle Castle Adultery Legend

René Le Barbier, the owner, had been through a lot… but here’s the funniest story about him. One day the king Louis XIII invited René in Versailles. Happy, he packed his bags and let his wife in Brittany. Well, he’ll come back soon! There, in Versailles, René dazzled.

And he described his wife, Françoise de Quélen, like the most beautiful woman on earth! 4 gentlemen, a bit jealous, suggested a little game to René: to test his wife’s virtue, such a perfect lady, who was alone in her castle…

René laughed: “Well, if you want, you can go: it’s the best, the most virtuous lady!” So, the husband accepted the challenge: he trusted Françoise, so what’s the matter? What he didn’t know was that our 4 noble men were real don Juan…

Well, anyway, the 4 men left for Brittany, and René started to realize: he started to stress! Few days later, he received a letter from Kerjean, signed by the first gallant: inside, a silk ribbon, the same his wife put in her hairs.

Pooh, a common ribbon, that’s all… that meant nothing! Then, a second letter from the second gallant: he get the pins which held her dress. Then he received a curl from her hairs and finally, one thing that really scared him: her wedding ring. Completely panic-stricken, our René left for his Breton castle, emerged suddenly and found his wife.

He talked about her all the “gifts” he get. Yes, those 4 men came to visit her, and she gave them some intimate stuffs. “But what about the ring??” yelled René. “This, said she, serves you right! It’s because you doubted about my honesty and my fidelity!

Hey, but… where were those 4 men, by the way? Françoise took him in a tower where she locked our 4 don Juan! Tired by their woo, she locked them here and gave them wool to spin, for poor people… and they had to work hard, or else, no food! René set them free: let’s shake hands and forget it!

Gentlemen recognized the great virtue of the lady of Kerjean… phew! Few years later, king Louis XIII raised the fief to a marquisate and appointed Françoise queen’s first lady-in-waiting. Since that, a Breton proverb says that “the first carder was born in Kerjean”!

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