King Charles IX in Le Hallier: the nest of his darling Marie Touchet

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The castle - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The castle - © / CC-BY-NC-SA
Le Hallier castle Castle Love story Charles IX

The castle is located a little way away from the village of Nibelle, near Pithiviers.

Nibelle was named after a legend, saying that king Charles IX accommodated here his mistress Marie Touchet. He told her: Voici votre nid, belle!, which means "Here's your nest, dearest!" The first owner of Hallier castle was Charles de l'Hôpital in 1537: his family kept the estate until 1647.

Oh, of course, nowadays, this brick and stone castle is almost in ruins. We can notice 10 big towers with curtains. You know what? The castle of Hallier was the place where king of France Henri IV and his mistress Henriette d'Entragues get together!

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