King Henri IV and Ozé house's turkey

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The house - ©Cbyd / CC-BY-SA The house - ©Cbyd / CC-BY-SA
Ozé townhouse House Henri IV Legend

Built in 1450 for the mayor of Alençon Jean Dumesnil. Did you know this house nearly disappeared in the 19th century? A demolition, I mean! People protested and signed a petition. Few years later, the house was listed as Historical Monument. Phew!

Tradition told king Henri IV of France had been welcomed in this house... he came without warning! The lord of Ozé and his wife had nothing to eat for their king. A little bit embarrassed, Thomas Le Coutellier (that's the name of our lord) went to his neighbour, a Protestant surgeon named Olivier Caillard. This one gave him a turkey, but asked in exchange to eat it with the king...

It's a deal! At the end of the meal, the protestant asked Henri IV to ennoble him. The king agreed with a smile, and give him arms with... a spitted turkey! Well, in fact, things didn't happen exactly that way... the surgeon wasn't ennobled. But one thing is sure: Caillard asked the king to be the godfather of his son!

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