La Fontenelle and the massacre in Notre-Dame-de-Roscudon

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The bell-tower - ©GO69 / CC-BY-SA The bell-tower - ©GO69 / CC-BY-SA
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Roscudon’s bell-tower is forever link with a terrible event made by a bloodthirsty monster: the Breton crook La Fontenelle. He ransacked and plundered all the Finistère (Brittany) during war of Religion, at the end of the 16th century… and one day, he decided to attack Pont-Croix.

La Fontenelle attack!

Burn them all...

Inhabitants knew he would come. Worried, they fortified their church of Roscudon and hid all their fortune inside. La Fontenelle and his accomplices soon turned up. People took shelter in the church. With them, a captain, the lord de La Villerouault and his pretty wife, the lady de Kerbullic.

They thought they were safe, here… suddenly, La Fontanelle’s big brutes started to attack the church’s door. ″Come on! Let’s go at the top of the bell-tower!″ yelled La Villerouault. And from their hiding place, they started to throw things on the boors’ heads, downstairs.

In vain: La Fontenelle was furious, he seethed with anger! He never knew such a resistance! He tried to smash the door in, but the wood didn’t give away. So, he lit a fire at the foot of the bell-tower, to slowly asphyxiate them. La Fontenelle got plenty of time, anyway...

Real horror

La Villerouault and inhabitants, groggy by the smoke, tried to resist. But… it was… too hard! Come on, put some effort into it! They finally pulled themselves together. New fail for La Fontenelle!

The trick failed, but… treason and lie remained! He convinced La Villerouault to get down, in order to negotiate. He’ll spare their lives, he swore! People started to consult together. What to do?

Well, believe me or not, but inhabitants believed La Fontenelle. They get down! The crook took the loot in the church and men were taken prisoners. In a paroxysm of horror, he handed over La Villerouault’s pretty wife to his brutes…

They ruined her under her husband’s eyes! And finally, this last one was hang after his ordeal. But the horror which took place in Pontcroix became noisy: everyone in the country talked about that! Beware, La Fontanelle, soon, you’ll end on the gallows...

Bad omen?

The legend added this weird fact: after La Fontenelle seized the bell-tower, all the bells started to ring. All, for no reason! La Fontenelle quickly crossed himself, with a cold shiver on his spine. Hey, maybe it was the Virgin Mary who was angry with what he done here? Shoo, a little bit scared, he decamped in no time at all, with his loot...

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