La Fontenelle's devastation in Penmarch

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The church - ©GO69 / CC-BY-SA The church - ©GO69 / CC-BY-SA
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Ransack and pillage

Penmarch was pretty prosperous between the 13th and the 15th century. The city, very rich, used to trade with foreign countries, especially with Spain.

Everything changed at the end of the 16th century, with war of Religion and the League trouble: do you know La Fontenelle? He plundered and destroyed Penmarch. He slaughtered all the inhabitants who took shelter in the church...

Hey, he’s coming!

People knew what La Fontenelle done in the past, the chaos, the destruction and so on. Hey, but they were waiting for him! They were not afraid of him. In Penmarch, we had 10000 strong men, tough guys.

They only fortified the church and raised a fort in Kérity, to protect them in case of. In the church, they put their fortune. La Fontenelle arrived one day of religious celebration. He came with 10 accomplices. They literally dispersed in the crowd. He started to drink and laugh with the inhabitants.

But most of them were not dupe: La Fontenelle, laughing and smiling with them?? Nooo… no way! Might as well throw themselves into the lion’s jaws! And yet this day, La Fontenelle didn’t act. And yet, they should have been more careful...

300 small boats full of treasure

No, he came back 3 days later. But he has noticed all the little details: their weaknesses, their hiding places… He arrived this time with more than 100 men! He created a diversion for the guards and then entered in the church.

Then, a slaughter happened. A real bloodbath! La Fontenelle killed everyone. Then he besieged the fort of Kérity and took prisoners those who was running away. The tradition says that he filled 300 small boats with his loot! Now, he could come back in his Tristan island, next to Douarnenez, with his prisoners.

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