La Rochelle city hall: Renaissance and Medieval style shock

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The inner courtyard - ©Jean-Christophe BENOIST / CC-BY The inner courtyard - ©Jean-Christophe BENOIST / CC-BY
La Rochelle city hall City hall

From the outside, the city hall looks like an austere fortress hiding behind its solid walls! This rampart was raised from 1486 to 1492. The Gothic city hall, built from 1486 to 1607, was founded upon very old bases.

First of all, look at that: you've got two pavilions, one from 1540 (kitchens and apartments for servants), the other one from 1879 designed by architect Lisch. Here, you've got a beautiful Renaissance central main building, with its galleries flank by statues symbolizing the cardinal virtues. This façade was designed by mason Pierre Favreau from 1596 to 1606.

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