Little histories about the nougat from Montélimar

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The nougat from Montélimar - ©Sémhur / CC-BY-SA The nougat from Montélimar - ©Sémhur / CC-BY-SA

What’s this?

A recipe from Drôme département, made of sugar, lavender’s honey, almonds, pistachios, vanilla and eggs whites.

To get the appellation nougat de Montélimar, the recipe must have 30% almonds and 25% honey. The nougat’s colour changes depending of the sugar cooking or the quantity of almonds.

The little history

The word nougat comes from Spanish nogado, which is a caramelized cake with almonds and honey. The nougat from Montélimar is one of the 13 Christmas recipes, a tradition in Provence.

Originally, the nougat was only made with nuts. Then, when the recipe of the nougat from Montélimar was created in the beginning of the 17th century, they replaced nuts by almonds.

At that time, the city gave the candy to important guests who turned up: dukes of Berry and Burgundy, Louis XIV’s grandsons, received boxes in 1701.

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