Louis XV on place Royale or the 1789's advantages!

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Place Royale - ©Vassil / Public domain Place Royale - ©Vassil / Public domain
Place Royale in Reims Street District Louis XV French Revolution

This square is on the location of the Grand Crédo district: in the 18th century, houses and small gardens which belonged to canons were built. But, we've got a little problem! Streets were narrow and foul-smelling, traffic was difficult... in short, the square wasn't a dream!

That's why Louis-Jean Levesque de Puilly, lieutenant for the inhabitants, decided to open the Grand Crédo. He asked some money to the king, in order to raise a big and nice square (called Royal square), with a statue of his Majesty. According to him, this square would be "like a temple dedicated to Peace, dedicated to the glory of Louis XV"... Whoa, is that all?

Legendre, a civil engineer, designed the square. And finally king allowed the building site in May 1755: he even gave money (15 000 livres per year) for 42 years!

Pigalle sculpted the Louis XV's statue... destroyed during the French Revolution: yes, a 1792 treaty said the effigy had to be demolished, as well as the inscriptions and other blazons throughout the city... Guess what? They replaced the statue by a pyramid, covered with "inscriptions that formulate advantages provided by the Revolution"!

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