Luynes family and their towers in Airaines

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The towers - © isamiga76 / CC-BY The towers - © isamiga76 / CC-BY
Airaines former fortress Fortification

In fact, there were two castles in the past, the one belonging to the lords of Airaines, called château du fief Beaudoin, and the one which belonged to the counts of Ponthieu, called château du fief Pignon.

The first lord of Airaines was Raoul in 1235. Fell to the de Croy family in 16th century, the fief belonged to the Longueville in 1566.

In the 17th century, we met the Luynes family, when a descendant of the Longueville married Charles-Philip d'Albert, duke of Luynes and Chevreuse. The last Luynes sold his estate during the French Revolution. The World War II destroyed the castle...

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