Molière, his muses, his fountain

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The fountain - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The fountain - © / CC-BY-NC-SA
Molière fountain Fountain Molière

Between rue Richelieu and rue Molière, there’s a little fountain. A man called Joseph Régnier, actor of the Comédie Française, suggested to raise a monument in memory on Molière.

No problem! They started to collect money. A laborious collect, phew! Money lacked... The French Nation was forced to put its hand on its pocket to make up the sum!

Sculptor Visconti (who created the Saint-Sulpice's fountain in Paris) drew plans of the fountain from 1844: Bernard-Gabriel Seurre carved Molière statue. He’s sitting on his chair, a quill in his hand. And what about figures standing by his side? They are muses of Comedy and Tragedy, by Jean-Jacques Pradier.

By the way, why did they raise the fountain here? Not because Régnier used to play not far from here, in the Comédie Française, no! Because Molière used to live, before he died in 1673, a house at number 34, rue de Richelieu!

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