Mosaic galore inside Saint-Etienne church in Briare

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The church - ©Deche / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain The church - ©Deche / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
Saint-Etienne church in Briare Parish church

I come across on the church of Saint-Etienne (Stephen): it's a Romanesque-Byzantine period church, decorated with little coloured enamels. So unusual! It was raised between 1890 and 1895 by the architect Dussève and blessed in 1898. The inner and outer decoration was made by the Swiss artist Eugène Grasset: it's a mosaic made of Briare's enamels.

Oh, wait... nothing call you out? Yes! Patterns here are profane (four elements, 5 senses...). Well, well, it's so surprising for a religious building!

And also!