Murol's wallpapered birds

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The castle - ©Torsade de Pointes / CC0 The castle - ©Torsade de Pointes / CC0
Murol castle Castle

On the former stronghold put up by the de Chambe family in 12th century, Guillaume de Murol rebuilt a castle: architect Pierre Celeyrol reinforced the surrounding wall, raised new buildings inside the courtyard and added a chapel.

In 1455, the castle fell to d'Estaing family, who transformed their new house. Windows were added to the walls. During war of religion, the enclosure was reinforced a second time. Indeed, the lord of Murol became at that time one of the League's leader in Auvergne.

Conflicts and abandonment destroyed Murol in the 19th century. Département of Puy-de-Dôme purchased it in 1890.

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