Notre-Dame church in Lorris: one of Europe's oldest organ!

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The organ - ©J. THURION / Public domain The organ - ©J. THURION / Public domain
Notre-Dame church in Lorris Parish church

I take now the rue de l'Eglise and go... to the church, of course! It was raised between Lorris' fire (1187) and the middle of the 13th century. This period Romanesque façade and the nave were kept.

The church was given to St-Benoît-sur-Loire abbey, in 1138, by king of France Louis VII then by Henri archbishop of Sens.

Oh, tell me, have you seen the great organ? It's one of the oldest organ in Europe! The case/tribune part and a piece of the pipes date back to the 16th century; the mechanical part dates back to the 17th century.

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