Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation church in Aubigny and its praying statues in Indian file

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Brandelis' praying statue - ©Giogo / CC-BY-SA Brandelis' praying statue - ©Giogo / CC-BY-SA
Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation church in Aubigny Burial place Parish church

On its little quiet square, this Norman church is located in front of the castle of Aubigny. A nice Classical castle, at the end of a long, long alley planted with green trees…

The family de Morell owned the fief of Aubigny, in 1528. A family who went down in Normandy’s history, and who raised the castle in the beginning of the 17th century.

Hey, since we’re talking about the Morell… in the church, we can see 6 amazing orants! Orants? Funeral statue of someone who’s praying. Here, we have 6 ones, made of limestone, pretty well-preserved, representing 6 members of the Morell family. Stunning, isn’t it? In the past, they were in a private chapel located to the north of the church.

• We have Raven II de Morell d'Aubigny, a lieutenant, who died in 1625. He’s wearing an armour and the helmet of Saint-Michel order.

• Bradellis de Morell, ″commander of 100 gentlemen″, dead in 1666. The same sculptor made Raven’s statue.

• Achille-Antoine de Morell, Bradellis’ son, who died in 1673.

• Marc-Antoine de Morell (1724). He holds a book in his hands.

• Jean-Marc-Antoine de Morell, general lieutenant (1777). He’s wearing the stole of Saint-Louis’ order.

• Jules-Marc-Antoine de Morell son of the previous chap (1786). This marquis of Aubigny, king marshal, was the last member of the family.

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