Notre-Dame-sur-L'Eau church in Domfront and its water

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The church - ©TCY / CC-BY-SA The church - ©TCY / CC-BY-SA
Notre-Dame-sur-L'Eau church in Domfront Parish church

Nice poetic name ("Our-Lady-upon-Water") for this little Romanesque church! What's its history? Guillaume Talvas I, count of Alençon and Bellême in the 11th century, first raised a keep in Domfront, then built a priory. In 1020, Benedictine monks came on the working site.

Once Normandy became an English possession, Henri II and Eleanor of Aquitaine christened their daughter here in October 1162 with great pomp: armoured knights, lords of the Court were here... Thomas Beckett, archbishop of Canterbury, even celebrated the Christmas Mass in Domfront church in 1166... Unfortunately, in the 19th century, 5 of the 7 nave's bays and aisles were destroyed to build the road.

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