Once upon a time the Médoc sarment...

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Sarments - ©JPS68 / CC-BY-SA Sarments - ©JPS68 / CC-BY-SA

One of Gironde’s specialities, from Margaux! Created in 1969, this recipe made of chocolate was the consequence of an error: the confectioner who produced it used to make chocolate bars to fill pains au chocolat ("chocolate-filled roll").

A problem happened on the machine, the chocolate didn’t come up in bar but in fine sticks! These sticks looked like sarments, "vine shoots"... and we are in Margaux, a vineyards area!

My favourite one is the orange and pear flavoured sticks: so crunchy, and fruits bring an acidulous touch. But we also find sarments flavoured with mint, raspberry, milk-caramel and liquorice.

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