Oricourt, chancellor Rolin's castle

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The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin, Van Eyck - ©Public domain The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin, Van Eyck - ©Public domain
Oricourt castle Castle Nicolas Rolin

Built in the 12th century, Oricourt is composed of a farmyard and a courtyard, each of it protected by its surrounding wall. The farmyard housed a barn, an useful shelter for the inhabitants in case of attacks.

The courtyard was the lord's residence. We find here a keep between the two walls. In the 15th century, we had the seigniorial dwellings, leaned against the wall, which was fitted up in the 18th century. Nothing's too beautiful, for these noble lords!

By the way, do you know Oricourt's story? Did you know duke of Burgundy's chancellor, Nicolas Rolin, purchased the castle in 1435? You know this man, this lord kneeling down on the famous Jan van Eyck's painting, the "Madonna of Chancellor Rolin"!

His son Guillaume inherited the lands just before Burgundy's duchy fell within the jurisdiction of France, in 1482. Oricourt fell after to several owners. Completely abandoned, the castle was listed as a Historic monument in 1984.

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