Orléans Campo-Santo

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Inside the Campo - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA Inside the Campo - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA
Orléans Campo-Santo Cloister Burial place

Look! A cloister here? Not at all: this place surrounds by arcades isn't a cloister! It's as like as two peas... And yet, lots of events took place here, in the peaceful Campo Santo... The place used to be call Martroi-aux-Morts or Martroi Sainte-Croix, which means "Dead's square". It used to be a cemetery, for several centuries.

But we don't know exactly when corpses were buried here for the first time. We only know the Campo belonged to the bishop of Orléans in 1153. In 1266, a chapel was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The cemetery closed down in 1786 and a new one (Saint-Vincent's graveyard) was built where the current park Pasteur is. Campo was abandoned...

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