Pierre de Luxembourg in Avignon... and the little bird's nester

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Pierre de L., Petit-Palais, Avignon - ©Antoine Meissonnier / Public domain Pierre de L., Petit-Palais, Avignon - ©Antoine Meissonnier / Public domain
Celestins convent in Avignon Convent Miracle

Pierre and his spring

Well, do you know who was Pierre of Luxembourg? The pope founded this convent for him. He was born in Lorraine (Eastern France) in 1369. Pierre became canon of Paris in 1379 then bishop of Metz in 1384 thanks to Clément VII.

2 years later, he became cardinal of Avignon. Whoa, nice promotion! But the young man died 1 year later! He was buried in the small cemetery Saint-Michel, in a chapel who will become the Célestins convent.

Later, too, Clément VII will be bury next to Pierre… But in 1527, next to Luxembourg’s grave, they found a water spring: a miraculous one, because it cured diseases!

The bird's nester's miracle

Here’s one of those miracles, taking place in Avignon in 1432: a young boy, about 12 years old, climbed at the top of a tower, in the ramparts, to find birds’ nests. Unfortunately, he fell on the rocks, downstairs! He was dead...

The crowd rushed, following by the teen’s dad. He yelled: ″Pierre of Luxembourg, come help me!″ and picked up his son’s last remains in a bag he brought in the Célestins church.

There, he put the bag on Luxembourg’s grave, and asked him to resurrect his son! And, in front of the flabbergasted crowd, the young boy came alive again!

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