Pierre de Ronsard and Cassandre Salviati

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The castle - ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA
Talcy castle Castle Castle of the Loire Valley Love story Pierre de Ronsard

Talcy is the castle of the "poets in love"... Why? Let's see it now. The first mention of Talcy dates back to 1221. This seigneury used to be a possession of the lords of Chartres, then sold in 1517 to Bernard Salviati, a rich merchant from Florence (Italy). The man was allowed to rebuild the old castle with "towers, crenels, loopholes, machicolation, draw-bridge and other stuff useful for a fortress." In this new castle, Salviati's wife gave birth to a baby girl, Cassandre!

The young Cassandre who met poet Pierre de Ronsard, during a party in Blois castle, in 1545. The poet immediately fell in love with the young lady! But she was 14 years-old, and already engaged with another man... Ronsard assiduously courted her, but in vain... He never forget her: Cassandre's beauty inspired him, he wrote a collection of poetry, Les Amours de Cassandre ("Cassandre's loves").

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