Riding ox to wage war!

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The castle - ©Ignaz Wiradi / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Ignaz Wiradi / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Germain-du-Livet castle Castle

In the 12th c., le Livet was still a small stronghold, simple but rustic! Then in the 14th century the Louvet turned up: daughter Jeanne married Pierre de Tournebu, in 1462. Do you see this nice wooden manor? Well, the young couple raised it on the location of the old medieval castle.

The Tournebu were pretty fiery persons. Maybe a little too much! Because Pierre de Tournebu behaved like an impolite boor when he was in the Court, so the king banished him away, no matter if he went “on foot, on horseback or on carriage”.

But few weeks later, the king was at war and guess who arrived? Tournebu, with his little army. Oh, the bloody boor! He disobeyed to his king! Well, it’s not quite correct, because the king saw him arriving… on ox-back! The legend even said that this little improbable army helped the king to win the battle!

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