Rivarennes and the bruised pears

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Dried pears, illustration picture - ©Janet Hudson / CC-BY Dried pears, illustration picture - ©Janet Hudson / CC-BY

What’s this?

These poires tapées ("bruised" pears) are flatten on 1 centimetre! Desiccated, they keep their flavour and texture. We can eat them in cakes or in savoury dishes. In Rivarennes (Indre-et-Loire), they made pears since centuries...

They have to be desiccated for a long time in a special oven. Then they peel pears and hold them tight before they put them in the oven: they are reverse every day. The fruit desiccates little by little while keeping its shape. Then, they have to flatten them and put them in the oven for the last time.

The little history

So, what about our "bruised" pears? In Orléans and Tours' area, people made bruised apples and pears since the middle of the 16th century. The climax came in the 19th century, but in middle of the 20th century, people stopped eating bruised fruits: canned pears competed...

The recovery came only in 1987; one year later, a little museum dedicated to the bruised pears opened in Lurquant (Indre-et-Loire) and... the production took up again! At that time, they produced 9 tons of pears (160 tons in the 19th century)...

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