Romulus and Remus on Mars gate in Reims

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The gate - ©Fab5669 / CC-BY-SA The gate - ©Fab5669 / CC-BY-SA
Reims Mars gate Gallo-Roman Arch

Raised in honour of Caesar and Augustus, when governor of Gaul Agrippa laid out roads crossing the city, this 13 metres 50 gate is composed of 3 arches and 8 Corinthian columns.

Did you know this building was part of the surrounding walls in the Middle Ages? Until 1544... When they put up another one, the Mars one became obsolete and sank into oblivion until the 18th century. The gate was cleared out in 1812.

Try now to recognize the sculpted faces of Romulus and Remus, Leda and Jupiter...

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