Royal wedding in Langeais castle! When France married Brittany

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The royal wedding, Langeais - ©Tango7174 / CC-BY-SA The royal wedding, Langeais - ©Tango7174 / CC-BY-SA
Langeais castle Castle Castle of the Loire Valley Wedding Festivities Anne of Brittany Charles VIII

Did you know that on December 6th 1791, at 8AM, Charles VIII of France and Anne of Brittany (21 and 14 years old) get married in the castle? With the marriage, the king could add the duchy of Brittany to the kingdom of France… Each one arrived with their own cortege.

Oh! Did you see her? Anne, with some domestics, riding a mare, followed by carriages covered with black and crimson velvet. What about him? Several princes came with him. Louis was small and weak, pretty skinny, said a period description!

Langeais’ governor prepared the castle for them. They prepared two beds covered with damask, taffeta, golden and crimson velvet. Some warm fabric and a nice fireplace… that was all they needed! We were in middle of winter and the castle’s vast rooms were icy, despite the joy and the festivities which made good progress. What about the price? According to Michel Le Doulx, Anne’s wardrobe’s keeper, it cost 3636 livres! A pretty big sum…

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