Saint François de Paule in Fréjus, the man who eradicated the plague

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The chapel - ©JPGO / CC-BY-SA The chapel - ©JPGO / CC-BY-SA
Saint-François-de-Paule chapel in Fréjus Chapel Epidemic Festivities Miracle

The plague wreaked havoc in Fréjus in the 15th century. But fortunately, saint François de Paule arrived! In 1482, he turned in the city and the same day, the plague ended... In memory of this miracle, people made a celebration each year, on sixth Sunday after Easter...

Saint François-de-Paule was an Italian monk, founder of the Minors order. King of France Louis XI (you know, this one was outrageously bigot, soooo churchy) called him by his side because he fell sick, in 1483.

The boat on where François was couldn’t approach Fréjus’ harbour because of the plague, so that was how the saint arrived in the city: the legend said he transformed his coat into... a kind of surfboard, or a raft!

No, according to the true story, François arrived in Marseille harbour, then came in Bormes-les-Mimosas where he eradicated the plague, then finally arrived in Fréjus and done the same thing, before he left for Tours, to see Louis XI in his castle of Plessis-les-Tours...

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