Saint-Merri or Notre-Dame-la-Petite

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The church - ©Ninara / CC-BY The church - ©Ninara / CC-BY
Saint-Merri church Parish church

The church is located on the crossroads of an old Roman road. In the 8th century, the abbot of Saint-Martin of Autun, Médéricus (Merri), lived and died in this place. In 884, when Normans besieged Paris, people chose him as patron saint for a chapel raised on the location of an old oratory dedicated to Saint-Pierre-des-Bois.

The current Gothic church was raised between 1500 and 1550. Did you know it had the same plan as the cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris? So it was called Notre-Dame-le-Petite ("Our Lady the small")! In the 18th century, the inner decoration was changed into Baroque style.

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