Saint-Urbain: the familial cobbler's shop transformed into a basilica

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The basilica - ©DXR / CC-BY-SA The basilica - ©DXR / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Urbain basilica in Troyes Basilica

The famous French architect Viollet-le-Duc said this church is "a masterpiece built by a genius man". Our Gothic basilica (which was a collegiate in the past) was raised in 1262 by the pope Urban IV, Jacques Pantaléon, on the location of his father's shop, who was a cobbler.

Built in one go by the architect Jean Langlois, the church wasn't finished when Urban died. So his nephew the cardinal Ancher de Saint-Praxède decided to continue the construction, between 1264 and 1290.

Our church was next to the abbey Notre-Dame-des-Nonnains: a very powerful monastery, who thought that the collegiate trod on its toes! Furthermore, kings and bourgeois gave lot of money to Saint-Urbain... In two ticks, the abbess hurtled in the building work of the church and stole some tools, damaged the stone...

In 1268, the mother superior Ode de Pougy came with policemen in order to interrupt the consecration ceremony! She even pummelled the archbishop... The abbess was excommunicated and the ceremony was deferred in 1389.

That's as may be, but the top of the nave only dates back from the 19th century; in 1935, the body of Urban IV was buried in the church. We can see beautiful stained-glass windows (13th century): come here! You can see it in the choir and the transept.

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