Talmont-Saint-Hilaire castle's ogress legend

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The interior - ©Chatsam / CC-BY-SA The interior - ©Chatsam / CC-BY-SA
Talmont-St-Hilaire castle Castle Legend

Béatrix de Machecoul, Guillaume de Mauléon's wife, lord of Talmont, was an ogress, says the legend! Back in the 12th century… Béatrix was a pious and generous woman, who made several religious foundations. We don’t know why, but when she died, people started to said she was a bloodthirsty ogress, like the famous Gilled de Rais (Bluebeard) in the area, who liked to eat children…

It also remind us of the story of the ogress of Pontgibaud, this poor coutess Brayère, who wouldn’t hurt a fly… Anyway, Béatrix made lots of religious foundations ans was pretty generous with poor people, but… maybe she did those things to expiate some crimes?

The legend says this: while her husband was in the Holy Land, she ate children’s heart in her castle of Talmont! One day, she asked her cook to serve his own son’s heart… the cook thought about this and preferred to serve a dog's heart…

But even coated with a delicious sauce, Béatrix felt something was different, and didn’t eat! The poor cook, scared, threw himself to her feet and cried for his son. “No, don’t touch him, he’s the only family I have…” implored him.

Believe it or not, but Béatrix, deeply touched by so much love, decided to let his life full of cruelty behind her, to devote herself to do good around her, among all things to make pious foundations and redeem herself for her horrible sins…

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