Thaumassière townhouse's funny stones

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The townhouse - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The townhouse - © / CC-BY-NC-SA
Thaumassière townhouse Town house

In the heart of the city, the current languages school occupies a nice house raised in the 15th century by César de La Thaumassière, king of France Henri III’s doctor. His son was born here, in 1631: Gaspard, famous Berry historian...

This house really looks like a small castle, with its court full of wisteria (planted in the beginning of the 20th c.): on the front, we can see the family’s coat of arms, and also, a funny little details: a stone face coming from the Parisian former fortress of La Bastille, destroyed in 1789 during the French Revolution!

Hey, look on the roof: funny sculptures are looking at us, including a musician and boozers sleeping on their mugs… hey, that’s good: Sancerre is the city of wine, after all!

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