The chardon from Lorraine, a real symbol

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The chardon from Lorraine - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The chardon from Lorraine - © / CC-BY-NC-SA

What's this?

Here’s now one of Nancy's speciality: the chardon, the "thistle". This is the symbol of the city, so they created a candy in the middle of the 19th century: a chocolate ball with an alcohol heart flavoured with mirabelle plum, kirsch, raspberry, pear or Champagne marc.

The little history

Scotland has a thistle as symbol... well, so does Nancy! A flower we find on the city’s coat of arms. In the Middle-Ages, the thistle was also Virgin Mary’s symbol. It also can symbolized fidelity: you know, like in painter Durer’s self-portrait, who had a thistle in his hand, token of his love for his wife...

But it was duke of Lorraine René II who popularized the Nancy thistle, when he added it to the city blazon with the motto: "Don’t touch me, I sting", in Latin non inultus premor... the current city's motto. It refers to the battle between duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold and Nancy’s inhabitants...

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