The cocon from Lyon, a story about silk and canuts

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The cocon - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The cocon - © / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

This chocolate is a cocon ("cocoon") because Lyon is the city of silk! This creation dates back to 1954: it’s a chocolate with sugared nuts delicately flavoured with curaçao liqueur and orangeat (a kind of orange jam made with peels). The coating is made in a yellow almond paste.

The little history

So, what about that silk from Lyon? Well, it came from Italy. In the middle of the 15th century, we found in Lyon several looms brought by Italians came from Florence area. But this was king Louis XI who developed the silkworms breeding in France.

He welcomed Italians, who started to work in factories in Tours: workers get lots of privileges and were exempted from taxes! So many, many workers came in France. At that time, they made the most beautiful fabric, for kings and princes from all Europe.

But when king Louis XIV signed the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, all the Protestants workers in Lyon were exiled, in Switzerland or England. The production fell!

Fortunately, things get better in the 18th century: the most productive era for our silk factories! But in the beginning of the 19th century, Joseph-Marie Jacquard, from Lyon, created the first Jacquard loom, in 1801.

A revolutionary loom that canuts (typical workers from Lyon, in the 19th century) looked unfavourably... Damned, those loom would steal their jobs! Stirred up, they rebelled in 1831 and started to destroy Jacquard looms.

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