The Cuvier fountain and its crocodile turning its head

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The fountain - ©Mbzt / CC-BY-SA The fountain - ©Mbzt / CC-BY-SA
Cuvier fountain Fountain Animals

On the corner of rues Cuvier and Linné, here’s this strange fountain dedicated to naturalist Georges Cuvier. Yes, we are close to the jardins des Plantes... Sculptor Vigouroux made it in 1840, in order to replace the old fountain raised by Le Bernin in the 17th century.

In the past, we found here abbey Saint-Victor, where the famous monk Abélard studied... So, come on, let’s see this fountain... The lady, near the lion, is the allegory of natural history, sculpted by Feuchères.

On her tablets, we can read this: Rerum cognoscere causus, which means “The man who go deeper in principles is sure to be happy”. Those animals' heads were sculpted by Pamateau: a bear, a camel...

And, we also have this big crocodile, flanked by a big anatomical mistake: it turns its head! But those creatures can’t do that...

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