The fairies legend of Lamballe church

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Notre-Dame church in Lamballe Collegiate church Legend

In the book Petite légende dorée de la Haute-Bretagne by Paul Sébillot (1897), we learn how Our-Lady of Lamballe was raised by fairies. Well, indeed!

The church’s choir was built on cellars opening on the back of the building. Cellars that would be the entrance of a mysterious underground linking the neighbouring castle of La Hunaudaye to the church! An underground raised by fairies at the same time as the choir…

The legend looks like the legend of the castle of Bouchet’s fairies (Indre), because near the church of Lamballe, we have a kind of hillock where rocks accumulated.

In fact, those stones were unloaded there by one of the fairies, Margot, who brought them then to her sisters who built Notre-Dame. It needed only 3 round-trips and the fairies completed the church within 2 hours…

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