The famous veuve Clicquot in Boursault castle

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The 19th c iron gate - ©Denys / CC-BY The 19th c iron gate - ©Denys / CC-BY
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A mother for her kids

On the façade, we read a motto… do you see it? It says Natis mater, ″a mother for her children″… echoing the fact that the castle was raised by the widow in order to gather all her family!

Yes, for the wedding of her grand-daughter in 1848, architect Arveuf (who already worked on the building work of the cathedral of Reims) completely re-raised the current neo-renaissance castle, between 1843 and 1848, for the widow.

What about the inner decoration? We read this in Le roman des châteaux de France, (part 1) by Juliette Benzoni: ″Everything was as cold as in Versailles’ apartments. We were like lost: in the huge dining-room, the chimney was a pedestal for a life-size statue of Diana.″

Upper crust with champagne

The widow made sumptuous parties, here, hosted her daughter with her husband, the count de Chevigné. Besides, the wedding of her daughter, then of her grand-daughter, Marie-Clémentine, attracted all the period upper crust!

And the hostess left nothing to chance: ″By a conceivable despotism, madame Clicquot only admitted champagnes on her table. I am the State! said Louis XIV. And madame Clicquot said: I am the wine!″ (Charles Monselet in the book Mes souvenirs littéraires).

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