The July column, in memory of the dead of 1830

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Detail - ©Jastrow / Public domain Detail - ©Jastrow / Public domain
July column Statue

Architect Joseph-Louis Duc raised this column (colonne de Juillet in French) in 1830, in order to commemorate people who died during the Trois-Glorieuses ("The Three Glorious Day").

Indeed, look at this: we can see names of the 615 “French citizens who armed themselves and fought for freedom”, died on July 27th, 28th and 29th 1830. At the top of the column, the golden genie made by sculptor Dumont. Inside the column, a staircase with 150 stairs!

When they raised the column in 1839, what a mess! They put it in a cart, drew by horses: those one, more stubborn than a mule, refused to move. Bad luck! Strollers decided to push themselves the column... to the Bastille square!

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