The legend of saint Seine

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Frescos, life of saint Seine - ©Phil25 / Public domain Frescos, life of saint Seine - ©Phil25 / Public domain
Saint-Seine abbey Abbey Benedictine Miracle Legend

We are now near Dijon, in the old Benedictine Saint-Seine abbey. It hold the name of its founder, saint Sequanus or saint Seine, lived there in the 6th century. Seine was young monk from Burgundy, who was send in the area to evangelize this naughty bunch of pagans, the Burgondes.

After that, he found himself a nice little place in the forest and raised a primitive oratory, basis of the current abbey. The legend said that one day, the old saint Seine came back to his abbey riding a donkey.

The creature knelt down on a rock, to let the old man easily dismount. The donkey’s knee let a mark on the ground, and when he stood up, a hole was made: from that hole water sprang: the river Seine!

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