The macaroon from Amiens and its little touch of fruit

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Macaroons from Amiens - © / CC-BY-NC-SA Macaroons from Amiens - © / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

Maybe you already know the macaroons from Nancy, from Saint-Jean-de-Luz or from Lusignan? Well, let me introduce the macaroons from Amiens (Northern France)!

Made with Valencias almonds, honey, sugar eggs whites and almond oil, they made them since the 16th century. The difference with other macaroons? The little touch of fruits jam (especially apricot)!

The recipe from Amiens is made by Trogneux mother company, located on the place de la Cathédrale since 1834: 2 millions of macaroons were sold in 2011! In 1992, it was awarded by the Grand prix de la meilleure spécialité régionale ("Award of the Best Regional Speciality").

The little history

The macaroon comes from the Italian word macaroni, which was a flour paste made with cheese... or maybe from a Greek word, makar, which means "happy"? Well, the macaroon would be... the cake for happy people! Greek people also named big feasts makaria or makaron...

Anyway, in the Middle-Ages, the macaroon was part of what they called at that time "dry pastries". It came from Italy, brought back in France by Catherine of Medici in the 16th century. The court just loved this cake...

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