The many faces of La Source park

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The park - ©Esther Westerveld / CC-BY The park - ©Esther Westerveld / CC-BY
La Source park Garden

We almost are in Sologne, a few kilometres away from Orléans city: here in this park, the river Loiret rises! We have a butterfly house, a menagerie, a whole bunch of gardens, shady underwoods, vast alleys, whoa! Landscapes are so diverse... And, now, come on! Would you like to go to the "source garden"? It's a very peaceful place, where a light mist is floating by, with bamboos and ferns... Next door, we have rock garden, rosery, some dahlia and iris... oh, but, I'm dreaming?! Now I'm in a meadow, right in the middle of wild grass! Here's a place really appropriate for meditation...

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