The Musculine G., a real magic potion for carnivores

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The Musculine - ©Benoît Prieur / WikimediaCommons / CC-BY-SA The Musculine - ©Benoît Prieur / WikimediaCommons / CC-BY-SA

What’s this?

The musculine is a special candy! It looks like a fruit paste, but... This energetic, fortifying, stimulant food (so says the packaging) is made by Notre-Dame-des-Dombes abbey (Ain), based on the recipe created in 1867 by a professor in Montpellier Medicine faculty, Fuster, and by doctor Guichon: it’s a blend of sugar, honey, quinces... and fresh and raw beef meat!

The little history

Notre-Dame-des-Dombes abbey was founded by Trappist monks came from the monastery of Aiguebelle (Drôme). 42 monks exactly, who started to cleaned up the land and swamps in order to raise their abbey.

The first stone was laid down in 1861. Our monks were put in charge of the recipe by doctor Guichon, in 1869. And the success came quickly! The musculine was even displayed in Lyon’s Universal Exhibition, in 1894!

Oh, wait a minute... Is it a candy, or a medicine? Well, Fuster gave it first to patients in the form of raw meat (beef and mutton), with an alcohol potion. The mix was apparently sovereign!

The musculine cures stomach pains, diarrhoeas, bleedings, phthisis... they even recommended it to children and sick people, also to sportsmen. The magic potion... made in Rhône-Alpes!

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