The museum of the most famous Maquis in Loiret department

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Carrefour de la Résistance, Orléans forest - ©Wikineptune / CC-BY-SA Carrefour de la Résistance, Orléans forest - ©Wikineptune / CC-BY-SA
Lorris Resistance museum Museum World War II

Lorris used to be, during the World War II, one of the most important maquis (French Resistance movement) in Loiret. Internment camps was set up in Pithiviers, Beaune-la-Rolande, Jargeau: in fact, they were transit camps for prisoners before they went into concentration camps. Loiret département counted one thousand deportee for Resistance's facts...

War veterans asked for a memorial, and the museum opened in Lorris' old station. You'll make a chronological journey, from the beginning of the war to the Liberation, with lots of posters, objects, materials, weapons... rich testimonies upon everyday life in occupied France!

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