The pâté from Pithiviers and king Charles IX's funny hassle

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Pâté, illustration picture - ©Daiima / CC0 Pâté, illustration picture - ©Daiima / CC0
Charles IX Speciality Wars of Religion

What’s this?

This is a pâté stuffs with larks meat, a typical speciality from the city of Pithiviers, made here since 5 centuries! The lark is pretty rare, now, in France, and its hunting is very controlled.

The little history

The tradition says that king Charles IX, visiting his mistress in Le Hallier castle (near Pithiviers), went hunting one fine morning in woods. Aah, he loved galloping and hunting! And there, he was tracking down a pretty big beast!

He ran, he ran all day long after the animal. In vain... he lost it! And the king was lost, too. At night, starving and exhausted, he came across lads, sat around a fire and a delicious golden pâté.

The king... suddenly realized he came across Protestants! Err, and we were in middle of war of religion... These guys didn’t recognize Charles: they even tied him up to a tree, thinking he was a spy! A little stunned, Charles stated his identity: and with a burst of laughter, Protestants set him free.

"Come on, let’s eat", said them to the king. Yeah, let’s eat this pâté... and this one was probably delicious, because Charles forgave the men and appointed the baker who cooked this masterpiece (a man called Provenchère, from Pithiviers) "king’s qualified baker"!

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