The rood-screen, the surprising picture book of Saint-Fiacre

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The rood screen - ©Manfred Escherig / CC-BY-SA The rood screen - ©Manfred Escherig / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Fiacre church in Le Faouet Parish church

This nice high Gothic chapel was built in 1450. Inside, don't miss the beautiful jubé ("rood-screen"), recently restored. It was completed in 1480 by a man called Olivier de Loergan. A sculptor who was justly rewarded: he was ennobled.

You can see the 7 deadly sins, with the fox preaching to the hens, then the naughty ones turned against him! It's a true picture book, very naive. In the past, the jubé wasn't polychrome, they painted it in 1627 and 1868...

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